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So you’ve heard about cryptocurrency and you want to make money. With any luck then, you’ve come to the right place. For the benefit of my friends and family, I’ve taken time to outline all the ways you can profit from cryptocurrency on these pages. I try my best to make this easy, so read along and see what you think. Also, feel free to head over to the forums if you have questions. This is a community of friends and they want to help get you answers and to learn from your insights. We all want to go Tezing! And… This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

So what is Tezing? It’s making 1% a day on your existing cash. At this rate, it also means doubling your money every 70 days. Sound good? Yes Good. By properly working the Crypto environment, Tezing is easier than you might think and comes with less risk than you might expect.

If you are interested in how all this works. Please read on. And good luck!

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First things first: Proceed at your own risk!!!  I have been making a bit of money doing this – but that might end tomorrow (it may have ended yesterday). I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for your results. I am offering my learnings simply so that I don’t need to talk to you on the phone.  I also am not asking for your money. So, as my Granddad always said, “Free advice is worth exactly what you paid for it…”

How does the rest of this site work? I suggest you spend the time reading all of this site because this is your money and you should know everything about an investment like CryptoCurrency before you jump in – but if you’re feeling lazy below are some links to speed you around:

Helpful Orientation Links.


How to Get Started

Setting up your Crypto GRID Bots

Setting up your Crypto Portfolio

Setting up your Crypto DEFI

What we think are good investments and why?

What to do when the market tanks?

Get help: Forums


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Congratulations, you want to join the world’s biggest Ponzi-Scheme!

So, you’ve decided to join the crypto revolution. Terrific! Welcome to the world’s biggest Ponzi Scheme!  And… Unless you’re a drug dealer or doing something illegal with your cash, a Ponzi scheme is almost certainly what you are choosing to join with Crypto. …And everyone knows, in a Ponzi scheme it is always best to get in first and then, to be lucky enough to get out before everything goes to hell! So, you should know, by joining now, you are NOT first in… The best bet for you (and me) is that 7Bil people on this planet use their collective imaginations to convert the crypto space from a Ponzi scheme into something real …I say this because you need to know that by moving any further, you are taking HUGE LEVELS of risk. You may lose all of your investment. 

Furthermore… I take zero, none, zilch, no responsibility for your money; I make no guarantees about your returns; I offer no protection and I accept no liability for your results even if you follow my strategies perfectly. Also, there is no government or bank that can protect you either. If you move ahead, you do so having researched the risks and with your eyes wide-open to the reality that all of your money can disappear in seconds – with no recourse.  What I will offer below is my experience successfully profiting from crypto markets. 

One last thing, I offer this info for free save a couple links inbound that may pay me a couple pennies of affiliate commission if you sign up through them – if I’ve been helpful, hook me up. Thanks!

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So, why might this all work out? Maybe it won’t all go to hell?

I think this will work. And here is why… First, we have a capacity as humans to collectively imagine institutions (perhaps crypto?) that provide a great deal of benefit. Governments, corporations, patent protections, and a long list of other similar concepts are all examples of our imaginations creating common frameworks that are beneficial to our collective progress (Read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari if you want a great background on this type of thinking). When we all believe something like the concept of Cryptocurrency is real, then it becomes real. Cool, right?  One example of something like this you’ll recognize is the US Dollar. Physically it is a piece of paper that could hardly be worth much to anyone. But as an idea, that represents a unit of value to merchants around the world, it is worth far more than just a piece of paper. With enough, you could buy a trip into space… 

The value of cryptocurrency draws it’s potential on the same basic premise as our collective belief in the value of the US dollar. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies do not currently come with the backing of the US government, the way a Dollar bill might. And therein lies the risk and the reward. Because a growing number of people are willing to trade their US dollars for a sliver of digital crypto units, we are beginning to collectively believe owning these crypto units are worth something. If you jump in now, before cryptocurrencies are recognized around the world as assets of value, you stand to gain very real wealth from your risk.

If we all come to collectively believe in cryptocurrency’s value, then we will also endow crypto markets with real value. …And the Ponzi-Scheme start to crypto, will disappear.

Why is it a good idea for Cryptocurrency to become real? To become part of everyday life?

Crypto markets offer far more functionality than paper money markets ever could. While paper has to literally be transported in pockets, trucks and through banks (all at a cost), Crypto can be transferred and settled within seconds digitally, anywhere in the world, and for the cost of pennies. And this is a big deal. Consider the system that supports fiat currencies like the dollar bill for one moment. This system requires banks, and all their employees, all their expensive real estate, computer systems, vaults, accountants and government regulators, add in the insurance these banks must pay to operate, and the investors these banks need to help profit, only to name a few of the banking systems expensive moving parts. Now imagine stripping 99.9% of that infrastructure away and literally transferring all the saved money back to the people who earned it – and you get a sense for how much better cryptocurrency can be for the world. You also start to get a sense why you can earn so much more money by holding cryptocurrency in the digital worlds version of banks. Lots more $$$’s for you.

Cyrptocurrency can also be used seamlessly to lend value to others in exchange for interest payments or be used to purchase physical products and a broad range of financial services. In today’s world, the rich can get richer because their money is “working for them” – with crypto currency, not only can you be sure your hard-earned money is always your property (no theft, no loss) but that also, every digital penny is working for you… In fact, that money can be earning more money for you every second from the moment you earned it to the instant you’ve traded it for something else.

How many people today can make their pocket change collect interest in the seconds between when they dig it out of their pocket and spend it?  Zero, today.  Tomorrow – with crypto – everyone…

So Crypto might just work. And for more reasons than I have droned on about here… And there are also a lot of people who see this vision. Those people have put nearly $2.5 Trillion dollars into this dream as a vote of their own trust. 

Now.. How can you make money by getting involved?

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Understanding the Basic Premise…

If you believe some of what I’ve said above – and you think it’s an inevitable conclusion that crypto markets will become the next evolution of “money,” then there is an opportunity right now (while it is still a Ponzi Scheme – lol), to profit!  If crypto is the future, then more people, a LOT MORE PEOPLE, will need to buy into it. And if/when they buy in, they will increase the asset values of every crypto they buy. This year alone, the entire crypto market has gone from $0.5T dollars to $2.5T in just the five months from January to May. This may continue, as demand outstrips a (mostly) fixed supply until everyone has bought in with the bulk of their liquid wealth.

That’s a lot of money… And that means all crypto prices will go way, way, way up.  If this is your thesis (as it is mine) then you ought to buy a little bit of the best contending technologies ASAP and enjoy the ride as values grow… And btw, this HODL strategy, to buy a portfolio is an OK strategy; however, there are even better ways to make more money in Crypto along the way.

Ways to profit from Cryptocurrency:

  • 1. HODL Portfolio
  • 2. Grid Trading
  • 3. Decentralized Finance
  • 4. Lending/Loans
  • 5. Leveraged trading + Futures and other derivatives

Let me explain why. If you believe that Bitcoin is going to go to $1M for instance, then you might also believe that it will trade up and down in little bits frequently all the way between today what it is worth today and $1M in a couple years’ time. Along the way, if you are buying low and selling at each new high, tens of thousands of times, over the next couple years toward $1M, you could likely make many Millions of dollars. Instead of just one M.  

But how do you possibly figure out when to buy and sell? And how do you make sure you do it 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for years??? Luckily, in a digital world, there are digital solutions to this problem. We are going to discuss how to setup an automated trading strategy that simply buys every time your crypto drops and sells every time it goes up. If you hold onto that strategy for the next couple years, and Bitcoin, for example, goes to $1M, you will make many millions on the way.

How to get started. Follow these steps:

  1. First, setup an account with a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase.
  2. Fund your account – get cash into your exchange. You will likely need to upload a government ID and link your bank to get the best rates. This may take a couple hours sadly.
  3. Next, please meet your auto-trader: Bitsgap! Please sign up for a free demo account here: Bitsgap. You can start by seeing what I’m trading today. Don’t worry if it all looks very complicated, we will decode it all in a moment.
  4. You must now connect Bitsgap to your Exchange. You do this by clicking on “my exchanges” in the Bitsgap top tab. You must setup an API connection to your exchange, which means finding how to setup an API in Binance or Coinbase (or whatever exchange you are working with).
  5. Once you have successfully funded your exchange and connected it with Bitsgap – you are ready for your first Bot!

Bot Setup:

Ok, so I’ve done something close to $10M worth of trades as of the time of this writing – I’ve tried all sorts of trading strategies and documented their results like the data nerd I am. I can say without question, the best way to dip your toes in is with my conservative strategy. It can still produce 1% daily returns on your total investment, and it will do so without making you cringe if the market tanks.  Let’s call this Rob’s Conservative Strategy (RCS):

  1. Chose a coin (more on this below). Let’s start with BNB though as an example. Go into Bitsgap and look at the top right corner. You should see a drop down that says “strategy.” Choose Classic Bot.
  2. You should see your exchange listed next (or select which one you want to use – each exchange may have different trading options available).
  3. Next, select a trading pair – start typing in BNB to see the various Bitcoin trading options. You want to choose one that looks like BNB/USD or BNB/GBP – depending on what fiat currency you deposited into the exchange. 
  4. Next, select the amount you want to put into this bot. BTW, I call each “bot” a “fund”… 
  5. Next, where it says “Upper Price” please type in a value just a little bit higher than the current market price. Today, BNB is trading at $200, so I’d choose to put in an upper price of $202.
  6. Then calculate a 25% drop from that price and enter that number into “lower price” (in this case that would be $202 * 0.75 = $151.5). 
  7. Next, tick “Trailing Up” to on. You may get some warning signs. Click them to “Fix it”. That will set your grid steps to .4 or higher. Try to get close to .4 if you can. The smaller the distance between gridlines, the more trades and the more money you will make.
  8. Next, click on any other warning signs and it should help you fix. 
  9. If the start button still isn’t lit up, try turning the “tailing up” button off and the on again…
  10. Finally, click “Start” – it will ask you to buy some very small amount of BNB, choose YES.
  11. With any luck, that will do it – and you have a working bot!  Now you need to sit back and watch as the price of BNB fluctuates.  When it goes down, your bot will buy. When it goes up, your bot will sell. And Bitsgap will tell you how much money you are making in between.

Have any questions? (Perhaps I will put up a forum to see if I can answer questions).

Check out the bitsgap FAQ’s for better help and definitely watch these videos to learn more:  Hey – this can be your job for the next couple years – watch the videos and try to learn!

Now, for what to trade!?  Below is my humble opinion on where to start… In order of my priority. I’ll note, Bitcoin (BTC) is not on this list – I personally don’t like it but of course I own some. At the moment, BTC is my third largest position behind BNB and ETH. I do not trade BTC though, I have found it doesn’t produce the 1% I like to earn EVERY DAY.  So here is the list:

  1. BNB
  2. ETH
  3. DOT
  4. ADA
  5. ALGO
  6. EGLD
  7. LINK
  8. UMA
  9. Zil
  10. CGLD
  11. UNI
  12. AAVE
  13. TRX
  14. NU
  15. SNX
  16. LUNA
  17. ATOM
  18. AVAX
  19. XVS
  20. GRT
  21. COMP
  22. 1INCH

So those are my picks, but there are thousands of coins… And you shouldn’t put money into anything you don’t believe in – so do your reading. Below are some decent resources but nothing beats actually going to each crypto projects homepage and consuming everything they have to say. Learn to read their white papers! If this isn’t gambling, then it’s investing – and in that case, what these folks say about their crypto’s better make sense before you place your bets.

Last bit of advice, this can be very addictive – it is effectively gambling at the moment. Be careful. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. If you find you aren’t sleeping through the night – you’re playing with too much money! Don’t come crying to anyone (especially me) if you lose big.

Once again – I take ZERO responsibility for your results. I really hope you can make a bit of cash this way but you may also lose 100% of it! As in EVERY, LAST, PENNY dreadful. So, proceed at your own risk! Good luck!

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